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  • You want an Awesome up-to-date website but you don’t know where to start
  • Traditional advertising isn’t working anymore, but that’s all you’ve used…
  • You’re running online marketing campaigns but not seeing the results you need
  • You want to be more active in Social Media but don’t have the time

The Only way we Succeed is when You to Succeed!

Businesses owners like you trust companies who deliver Results!  Turbulent Traffic delivers !  As your marketing company we ONLY succeed when you succeed! It is our mission in life to grow your sales and increase your customer base for more traffic that gets your cash register ringing up more sales. Your 1st step is to have the right platform that looks great on all devices, see our responsive web design NJ pages for more information.

Increase your Online Visibility, with Local Tools for Local Businesses

Not all companies understand Local Marketing for Local Companies like we do. We employ the hottest new technologies to get your Local Company found across multiple marketing channels. We drive the traffic you need with proprietary marketing techniques and software. We create high quality content and promotions, to attract targeted visitors and expand your markets. We connect your visitors with your brand, while keeping them on the edge of their seats looking for more. Your business needs to be found on social media, blogs, video sites and more, so your offers can be shared from customers to friends!

More Views creates More Opportunity – More Leads and Customers

What’s the point of gaining high visibility online without creating traffic, leads and more sales? All of our services are geared to transform your visitors into leads and your leads into customers. Not just any customers, but loyal customers who love to spread the word about your brand. Some companies hope their customers will share the great things about their company. We give your customers a reason and a way to share their experiences using our proprietary software to obtain positive reviews.  We reward your customers with Loyalty & Rewards, amplifying all of our marketing efforts in the process. We create an awesome online presence with responsive web design NJ pages to  promote your Brand, your Reputation and your offers. Consistent high quality content creation drives more Traffic, Leads & Sales on all your web design NJ properties as well as mobile devices!

Increase Revenue, Profits and ROI

So, how do we increase your sales? We create, track, and optimize, then we adjust, relaunch, track, optimize and gauge the ROI, then we do it again. We sort the winning campaigns from the losers and optimize your ROI in the process. It’s a constant process that needs to be part of your constant marketing efforts. Everything you do online and in your store should be tracked!  In fact if you can’t gauge it in today’s marketplace quite simply, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.   The only way to gauge and increase leads, sales and ROI in your business is to track every action on every page and offer. We have the knowledge, the software and the experience to be YOUR world class marketing company, managing your marketing and consulting with you to increase your sales. Lets combine our passion for design, marketing, software & tracking systems, with your passion, focus and creativity for what you do. Together we will strategically plan your growth, taking your sales, your business and your future to heights you have dreamed of, up until now!

Customer Reviews

 by Kyle via google ago–weeks
Harnessing HAPPY customers is what these guys show you how to do. And they do it with mobile smart phone technology. I didn’t think there were this many smart phone users. If you start this NOW you’ll be way ahead of your competitors when they are trying to get their list together! Really F..riging GREAT STUFF Thanks Mobile4Leads!

 by Calvin via google ago–week
We own 3 restaurants we started a test market in one and now were ready to get the others going right away we started 2 weeks ago. Even if the text messages did not work just the fact that your customers get involved and leave great reviews and get on your Mobile list it’s worth LOTS. Frank- when you read this call me if I haven’t already called you- just wanted to leave my 2 cents worth. Our program is going awesome but you know that!

 by Kolson via google ago–months
I love the new QR Codes and text marketing follow up campaigns it’s a great way to stay connected and send offers to past customers and bring them back again! I can’t wait for the Tap 2 connect function on our new Mobile website THANKS Frank!

 by Wade via google ago–months
Awesome work. I have a hard time understanding a lot of this online and mobile stuff. As a business owner I really don’t have the time to go and get all the facts but it’s pretty clear everyone has a phone on them. Frank was really good about spending a LOT of time with me and my manager both in person and on the phone so I really get the most out of our program ? we already have 48 new people on our mobile list in the first week! It’s pretty amazing ? they are leaving reviews on our business too! Great Job ? you can’t go wrong with Frank at Mobile for Leads.

 by Kristen Osborne via google ago–months
Great Job on our mobile website! I haven’t seen anyone else making sites where people can tap to join your list automatically without filling out a form. Really COOL! Customers love it! I’ll be signing up for the SMS promo’s next! Thanks a lot really good job I have already referred 2 friends. I’ll post another update when I use the sms marketing.

 by Kevin via google ago–month
From initial online presentation to the creation of our site and delivery of our cards and signs including a video telling us how to roll this out WITH training for our staff the signs and cards to get signups came in 5 days the site was done in 12 days and I already have 147 people on our list! We start sending sms offers tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to getting this going Thanks for your speed and over delivering!

 by Kirk via google ago–month
All I can Say is this guy has created a system that is pretty great! Runs like clock work on a calendar and I’m actually able to see what time my offer is sent out and watch as people start coming into our place. I really didn’t expect get this kind of response. If you need to increase your sales and you already have traffic at your store call these guys you can’t go wrong!

 by A Google User via google ago–month
I’m not seeing the increases that everyone else is yet, but people ARE signing up and leaving reviews about our business already and no resistance from our customers at all. Once you have a way to send customers to a review page using a mobile phone (and IF they like your place) they are happy to do it for you. Getting them all on a mailing list at the same time is genius. Great Job M4L – THANKS FRANK!

 by Milton via google ago–month
When I was approached with mobile QR codes and sms promotions I thought it was going to be too techie for us. Frank has made this a breeze. We set up a calendar and talk 2 times a month to set up our offers Frank rolls them out for us I really didn’t know if this would pay off – boy was I wrong! We already are seeing 18% increases in sales and were only in week 5. THANKS for the GREAT WORK! And making it turn-key!

 by Joco via google ago–month
We all need more sales and we’ve all had sales people sell us a bill of goods that never paid off. If you own a business you know what I mean long term contracts you keep paying and no ROI pretty much sucks when you can’t get out of the contract. These guys are amazing! He told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks to start seeing increases we are up 21% in 4 weeks. Our customers LOVE the promotions. Gotta love the NO contract / contract too.. that fact alone made me try this system and I’m glad I did.

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